The ST-MCU-FINDER-PC application allows exploring and connecting to the complete portfolio of STM32 Arm® Cortex®-M and STM8 microcontrollers, and development boards directly from the developer’s desktop environment.

ST-MCU-FINDER-PC features easy-to-use selection tools, self-maintaining documentation, and connections to MCU communities.

Users find the MCU and development board part number that best fits their application thanks to an easy search with multiple criteria including core type, CPU frequency, memory, price, package, I/Os, temperature grade and peripherals such as control, timers, analog, connectivity, multimedia and security. Users can also buy devices on line.

Developers have quick access to data and technical resources to support their microcontroller projects. The technical documentation for a selected device (including datasheets, reference manuals, application notes, user manuals, programming manuals, errata sheets) is available in one place and can be downloaded for off-line viewing. Documents are automatically updated with their latest version.

The development begins immediately after the device selection by launching STM32CubeMX initialization-code generator directly from the application.

ST-MCU-FINDER-PC connects users with developer communities on popular social platforms such as Facebook™, Twitter™, STM32’s YouTube™ channel, and ST Community.


  • Intuitive MCU and development board selection:
    • Parametric search on multiple criteria
    • Part number search: direct access to a specific part number information
  • Instant access to MCU and development board technical documentation, key features and functional block diagrams
  • Download of up-to-date technical documentation for off-line consulting
  • Close Selector : display of MCUs having characteristics approaching those defined through parametric criteria (PC version only)
  • Cross Selector (PC version only):
    • Side-by-side comparison of a reference MCU with approaching MCUs
    • Selection of the relevant comparison criteria and tuning of their respective importance
  • Contextual help tool-tip with direct-link access to relevant documentation
  • Management of favorite part numbers
  • Export of the selection to the Excel® format (PC version only)
  • On-line buying from ST distributors
  • Direct launch of STM32CubeMX for the selected MCU or development board
  • STM32 social media and ST Community access
  • Desktop version available for Windows®, macOS®, and Linux® platforms





Description バージョン サイズ
DB3190 DB3190: STM32 and STM8 product finder for desktops 4.0 333 KB
Description バージョン サイズ
UM2175 UM2175: ST-MCU-FINDER-PC installation guide 3.0 234 KB
Description バージョン サイズ
RN0111 RN0111: ST-MCU-FINDER-PC release 3.0.0 3.0 165 KB


Description バージョン サイズ
SLA0048 SLA0048: Mix Ultimate Liberty+OSS+3rd-party V1 - SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT 5.1 87 KB


製品型番 Software Version Marketing Status Supplier ダウンロード
ST-MCU-FINDER-PC 3.0.0 Active ST


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