スマートフォン / タブレット / 電子リーダ

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スマートフォン / タブレット / 電子リーダ

Our products and solutions

ST provides a range of products to help designers meet these challenges and enable the design of leading-edge mobile devices. We enhance the user experience with products such as motion and environmental sensors, MEMS microphones, Time-of-Flight solutions, image and optical sensors, audio headphone and speaker amplifiers, and touch-sensor controllers with multi-touch capabilities. We protect the device with integrated passive device technology, ESD protection and EMI filtering products and a range of analog products. We secure devices with secure element and secure Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions. And we power devices with high-efficiency power and energy management products optimized for battery powered devices, including touchscreen power management, and wireless charging solutions. We also improve connectivity with our RF product offer, which includes smart antenna tuning and RFSOI FEM solutions.