Design Win

STM32Cube function pack for the STEVAL-ASTRA1B multiconnectivity asset tracking reference design

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The FP-ATR-ASTRA1 is an STM32Cube function pack that implements a complete asset tracking application, which supports long-range connectivity and short-range connectivity. This application reads the data from the environmental and motion sensors, retrieves the geo-position from GNSS and sends them to the cloud using Bluetooth® Low Energy and LoRaWAN connectivity.

The FP-ATR-ASTRA1 package supports low-power profiles and the related transitions to ensure long battery autonomy. Moreover, it provides key features such as secure element management, the possibility to add custom algorithms, debugging interfaces, and expansion capability.

The firmware is available as a standard source code .zip file.

  • 特徴

    • Complete asset tracking firmware application to manage long-range connectivity (LoRaWAN) and short-range connectivity (Bluetooth® Low Energy and NFC)
    • Environmental and motion sensor management to monitor asset status
    • Outdoor localization and geo-fencing based on a GNSS NMEA string available on Teseo-LIV3F
    • Secure element personalization and certificate retrieving
    • Power/battery management with low-power operating modes
    • Flexible state machine to support different use cases
    • Predefined customizable use cases:
      • Fleet management
      • Livestock monitoring
      • Goods monitoring
      • Logistics
      • カスタム
    • Implementation available for the STEVAL-ASTRA1B
    • Fully integrated in an end-to-end, proof-of-concept ecosystem, which includes:
      • the DSH-ASSETRACKING web cloud dashboard
      • the STAssetTracking mobile app available on Google Play and App Store