At ST, we believe that the development of our people is the key factor for ensuring our long term success.

We anticipate, develop and match our employees’ skills and profiles to our business needs, to reach the highest level of organization performance, as well as maximizing people employability.

We provide our employees with opportunities for life-long learning through professional development and clear career evolution paths.

The working environment we foster encourages: innovation, thoughtful risk taking climate, commitment to results, systematic problem solving and employees empowerment to exceed customers’ expectations.

We stand for having the right person in the right position through:

Career Management
Performance Management
Talent Management
Organization Development
Learning Offer

Career Management

The cornerstone of career management is to provide all ST employees with a clear understanding of their job positioning within the company and to support their progressions (vertical and transversal).

In ST, we have 3 career paths (manager, project manager, expert) based on a complete Job Referential describing each job function and its associated competencies. We encourage the evolution whatever the career path with specific development programs. As our company aims at delivering leading-edge products and technologies, we promote the expertise management with dedicated recognition, training and a specific technical tutor role to share knowledge and find innovative solutions.

Offering a complete visibility of these career paths and associated job referential to its employees is a key factor in promoting internal mobility across organizations, regions and jobs.

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Leadership is required at every level of the company as it creates a high energy environment where people are inspired and empowered.


In ST, we federate leaders through a common managerial culture and five leadership principles:

  • articulate and communicate a compelling vision
  • align actions to ST’s strategy and deliver results
  • foster a climate of entrepreneurship
  • drive innovation with a forward sensing mindset
  • care for people growth and engagement

Based on this Leadership Model, ST provides a set of comprehensive and integrated leadership learning solutions deployed across all organizations and sites.


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Performance Management

Engaged and motivated people will always be better performers, driving productivity and profitability.

In ST, we fairly evaluate and differentiate employees through a continuous performance management process based on:

  • objective setting
  • regular feedback
  • performance appraisal evaluating business results and behavioral competencies
  • individual development plan

The on-going implementation of this process shapes a consistent alignment between each employee and ST business and organizational results.

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Talent Management

The ability to attract, develop and retain talents is a key success factor for our Company.

ST provides to managers the opportunity to collectively assess their employee potentials and contributions through a 2-year rolling process to continuously match every organization human resources to their business’s needs.

Key talents identified during this assessment are eligible to:

  • Promotions (new position, higher job grade)
  • Internal mobility (within the organization or in another organization)
  • Specific collective development plans

One of the outcomes of this process is also to address resource needs on a quantitative and qualitative aspect to define the Strategic resources plan checking the competency evolution and staffing.

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Organization Development

Organizational development addresses evolving needs of successful organizations.

In ST, we focus on accompanying our organizations by enabling them to adapt and increase their capacities to deal with changes while maintaining their strategy.

Based on organizations’ strategic inputs, ST supports their future performance through a common set of processes, programs and tools such as:

  • Team building and dedicated workshops
  • Individual coaching , tutoring and mentoring
  • Organization surveys
  • 360° Assessment

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Learning Offer

Learning is a prerequisite to individual performance by acquiring specific skills and knowledge to match evolving business needs.

To shape learning close to business, ST offers a wide range of both professional and leadership courses to equip employees with the right skills and competences improving their performance. Dedicated workshop sessions are defined to support concrete business needs by developing common solutions through shared ideas and knowledge.

The new ST learning catalogue is directly connected to the job function competencies. Each job function has a set of specific competencies and training is designed specifically to support their growth.

This regular process is nested into the Performance Management system.

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