800V high-temperature Triacs

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800v triacs

8H Triacs maximize current density or reduce heatsink size by 50%

Designed to run in very hot, confined environments and improve system reliability in adverse power grid environments, our 8H series of high-voltage Triacs are ideal for use as an AC power switch for water heaters, industrial automation, HVAC, roller shutters and building lighting control units.

Key features of 8H Triacs

  • Maximize AC system power density
  • Reduce system size
  • Increase functional safety
    • Robust dynamic turn-off commutation at high-temperature
    • High noise immunity at 150°C – static dV/dt
  • Reduce application size (heatsink) allowing more features
  • Works directly on the grid up to 400V AC
  • Full range available in multiple packages: TO-220, TO-220 Ins,and D2PAK

Application examples

automation Automation
hvac HVAC including room or water heaters
lighting Building lighting control units
coffee machine Kitchen equipment such as coffee makers
oven Ovens

Recommended resources

video 800v triacs

One-minute video explains how our 8H series of high-voltage Triacs maximize AC power density without compromise.

Their robust dynamic turn-off commutation and high noise immunity at high temperature helps reduce your system size while increasing functional safety.

This blog post describes the advantages of the 8H series of high-temperature Triacs and how your solutions can benefit from greater temperature, smaller designs, higher reliability... and don’t forget robustness.

blog 800v triacs
pdf flyer 800v triacs

Designed to maximize current density or reduce the heatsink size by up to 50%, these triacs are the right choice to run in very hot, noisy environments and improve system reliability.

Online presentation looks at the key design benefits of our extensive Triac portfolio and links to useful developer resources and tools.

pdf product presentation 800v triacs

Application notes