High-integration chipset for EFI small engine applications

AEC-qualified integrated solutions for small engine applications

Application Example


ST offers AEC-qualified integrated solutions to help companies comply with regulations for reduced exhaust emissions and fuel consumption in small combustion engines for 2- and 3-wheeled vehicles which will be mandatory from 2020 onward (Euro5 equivalent and later including OBDII capability).

As a result, the electronics in these vehicles will grow from a handful of discrete components (SCR, capacitors, Inductors, etc.) for ignition systems to a full set of integrated ICs (MCU, mixed power, etc.) able to interface with the various ignition/injection sensors to ensure compliance with specific emission and consumption requirements. 

Today, the use of electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems is the most comprehensive approach to ensure lower emissions and the most fuel-efficient solutions.

In addition to 2- and 3-wheeled road vehicles, these solutions can also be used for non-road equipment such as power generators, lawn mowers and snow blowers.

Dedicated chipset for optimized ECU form factor and cost

To meet the challenge of offering the required ECU/chipset performance at a competitive price enabling its deployment in large quantities, ST offers a high-integration chipset for an optimized ECU form factor and cost.

The backbone of our proposal is the SPC572L64 32-bit Power Architecture MCU and the L9177A or L9779WD-SPI peripherals on chip.

Specifically designed for small EFI engine management systems, the SPC572L64 includes specific modules such as the GTM (Generic Timer Module) used to lock and track the angular position of the crankshaft and the decimation filter for managing knock sensor signals to ensure accurate injection and ignition timings with a direct effect on engine emission and consumption performance.  

The L9177A and L9779WD contain all the building blocks for EFI systems from key sensor interfaces and load actuations (solenoids, relays, bulbs, etc.) for diagnostics and networking capabilities.

Each component has its own set of collaterals and development toolchain; a complete ECU hardware reference design is also available.


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CAN Transceiver: L9616

Pre-driver: A6387

Ignition Coil Drivers: STGD20N45LZ




H-Bridge Driver: L9960

ESDCAN01-2BLY in SOT23-3L, for cars

ESDCAN03-2BWY  in SOT323-3L, for cars

ESDCAN05-2BWY in SOT323-3L, for trucks


Design Support Tools

ST offers a complete set of tools to evaluate L9177A and L9779WD-SPI.  Collaterals include both hardware framework composed of SPC56M Discovery board (SPC563M-DISP) and L9177A and L9779WD-SPI evaluation boards – EVAL-L9177A, EVAL-L9779WD-SPI – as well as GUI with related firmware and documentation.

A subset application of Small Engine Management System – Electric Throttle Valve, Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Turbo charger waste gates – using DC Motor drivers with L9960 can be evaluated on our H-Bridge DC Motor Driver for Automotive Application dedicated page.