Motor Control and Control Systems


This curriculum covers basic-to-advanced motor control and control theory aimed at developing skills in a broad range of applications, including robotics and industrial, using a low-cost, high performance Rotary Inverted Pendulum kit (STEVAL-EDUKIT01). A manual for Instructors is available.

Prepared by:

   Prof. William J. Kaiser, UCLA



Instructor's manual

This manual is intended for instructors aiming to teach control systems through an Integrated Rotary Inverted Pendulum application. The manual describes the system configuration and dynamics, and includes control system design examples and experimental measurements.



The Motor Control and Control Systems Curriculum

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What is the STEVAL-EDUKIT01?

The STEVAL-EDUKIT01 is a complete, low-cost and high performance rotary inverted pendulum kit. Watch unboxing of the kit and assembly instructions.



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Support material for the platform is available for free download.