super-junction power mosfet

800V MDmesh K6 super-junction power MOSFET in a TO-220 package

stp80n240k6 super junction power mosfet

Recommended for flyback topology-based applications such as LED lighting, chargers and adapters, MDmesh K6 power MOSFETs reduce both BOM cost and board size thanks to their increased power density

This very-high-voltage N-channel Power MOSFET is designed using the latest MDmesh K6 technology based on ST's 20 years' experience with super-junction technology. The result is the best-in-class on-resistance per area and gate charge for applications requiring superior power density and high efficiency.

Key features

  • World's best RDS(on) x area
  • World's best FOM (figure of merit)
  • Ultra-low gate charge
  • 100% avalanche tested
  • Zener-protected

Application examples

led lighting LED lighting
chargers and adapters Chargers & Adapters

STP80N240K6 is especially suited to lighting applications based on flyback topology, such as LED drivers, HID lamps, as well as adapters, and power supplies for flat-panel displays.

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pdf 800v superjunction mosfet mdmesh k6

STPOWER MOSFET 800V MDmesh K6 series - FLYER

With the 800V MDmesh K6 series, ST sets a benchmark for the 800V super-junction technology combining best-in-class performance with remarkable ease of use. MDmesh K6 delivers the best RDS(on) (220mΩ) currently available at 800V in a DPAK package. This new product family is a perfect fit for lighting applications such as LED drivers and HID lamps as well as SMPS.