STは、小信号シグナル・コンディショニング・アプリケーションに最適な低入力 / 超低入力バイアス電流を特徴とする幅広いオペアンプを提供しています。

New high temperature (150°C), very high accuracy op amp for Automotive applications

Offering a very low offset voltage, an excellent speed/current consumption ratio, and 3 MHz gain bandwidth, the low-power, zero-drift TSZ181H operational amplifier is available in space-saving packages. Able to operate over an extended temperature range of -40 to +150°C, this miniature, ultra-precision and low quiescent current op amp is an ideal choice for high-accuracy, high-bandwidth sensor interfaces in automotive environment.

High bandwidth Chopper Op Amps for automotive and industrial applications

Featuring very high-accuracy and stability (VIO ≤ 25 µV at 25 °C), our TSZ18 series of 5 V zero-drift op amps are ideal for high-accuracy, high-bandwidth sensor interfaces including body-signal monitors, blood-glucose meters, industrial sensors, factory automation, and low-side current sensing. Available in single-channel TSZ181 (1.2 x 1.3 mm DFN6 package) and dual-channel TSZ182 (2 x 2 mm DFN8 package) versions.

With an extended operating range of –40 to +150°C, TSZ181H and TSZ182H are ideal for harsh automotive environments.

TSV7 series: excellent precision (200 µV), low-power (10 µA or 60 µA)

The TSV711, TSV712, TSV714, TSV731, TSV732, TSV734 series of single-, dual-, and quad-channel operational amplifiers offers low-voltage operation (1.5 to 5.5 V), rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, and an excellent accuracy (V IO lower than 200 μV at 25 °C). Housed in the smallest industrial packages, these low-power devices benefit from ST’s 5 V CMOS technology and offer an excellent speed/power consumption ratio associated with an ultra-low input bias current. These characteristics make the TSV7 series ideal for sensor interfaces and active filtering for battery-powered applications in the wearable, portable consumer, medical and industrial segments.

TSB952: high-speed dual operational amplifier for power supplies and industrial applications

The TSB952 is a high bandwidth (52 MHz), rail-to-rail output, 36 V operational amplifier designed to meet the demanding requirements of power supply and industrial applications.

Available in SO8 and DFN8 3x3 wettable flanks packages, the device features high-speed performance, low power consumption, and extended supply voltage operating range.

High bandwidth, low offset rail-to-rail Op Amps for Industrial and Automotive

Our new TSV791,  TSV7292 and TSV792IY operational amplifiers offer a high gain-bandwidth product (GBW) of 50 MHz combined with excellent accuracy, which is provided by a maximum input voltage of 200 µV. This ensures high accuracy when amplifying small-amplitude input signals.


The TSV791 (single), TSV792 and TSV792IY (dual)are also available in a SOT23-5 and Mini SO-8 package and can operate from 2.2 to 5.5 V in single supply. Fully specified on a 22 pF load and able to handle an output capacitor up to 1 nF, this Op Amps can also be used as an A/D converter input buffer.