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Firmware package for DDR configuration and test on STM32MP1 Series

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STM32DDRFW-UTIL initializes and tests the DDR of hardware boards based on STM32 microprocessors. It allows the users to configure and test the DDR in their own STM32 MPU-based designs.

The STM32DDRFW-UTIL firmware is proposed in a software package that includes BSP, CMSIS, and HAL drivers, STM32CubeIDE hardware project examples, and binaries including boot ROM image headers. STM32DDRFW-UTIL features the DDR_Tool full source code to run basic, intensive, or stress DDR tests. It contains a readme file that details how to customize a project configuration and run the DDR tests.

The STM32DDRFW-UTIL firmware also implements a console to operate in an interactive mode in addition to using the tool from within the STM32CubeMX framework.

  • 特徴

    • Applicable to hardware board projects based on the STM32 microprocessors
    • DDR initialization
      • Set of STM32CubeIDE project files
      • Readout of DDR general information
    • DDR tests
      • Basic tests to capture rapidly the major configuration or hardware issues
      • Intensive tests to cover data and address patterns for noise and high SSO conditions, high-throughput traffic, or interleaved read/write
      • Stress tests executed under stretched conditions such as a frequency increase, a skew of parameters, or specific frequency-selective patterns
    • Two modes of activation
      • From the STM32CubeMX tool
      • With a console in the DDR interactive mode