Design Win

Evaluation software for STSPIN motor driver ICs

ソフトウェア入手 データブリーフのダウンロード



The practiSPIN 2 is Windows® based software providing a graphical user interface for the evaluation of the L6208, L6206, L6207 and L6235 devices. For each device a specific user interface is proposed, allowing exploring the full set of functionalities.

A script editor allows controlling all aspects of the device using the Python language.

  • 特徴

    • Stepper motor driver applications using the L6208 or L6207
      • Speed profile management
      • Positioning and speed tracking commands
    • Dual brush DC motor applications using the L6206 or L6207
      • Independent motor driving
      • Parallel mode for high current operation
    • 6Step brushless motor application using the L6235
      • Voltage mode and current mode driving
      • Speed feedback
    • Scripting using Python.