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Generic Purpose GUI for STLUX and STRNG family

ソフトウェア入手 データブリーフのダウンロード



This “general purpose” GUI (GPGUI) is a graphical user interface which allows the user to interact with STLUX/STNRG hardware and virtual registers.

The STLUX/STNRG GPGUI is a powerful tool that helps debug applications, making it easier for the user to monitor peripherals and SMED configuration registers.

The GPGUI also makes interacting with applications, tuning and modifying parameters during testing activities simpler and more effective.

Hardware registers are defined in the STLUX/STNRG datasheets.

Virtual registers are defined by software developer firmware and allow the user to access the defined application configuration.

The STLUX general purpose graphical user interface is composed of two parts.

One part is the GPGUI software running on the host PC, while the other is the GPGUI firmware to be integrated into applications running on the STLUX and STNRG target platform.

The two parts communicate via a serial cable thanks to a proprietary communication protocol that is specified in user manual UM2005. This document describes the functionality of the GPGUI software and the simple integration of the GPGUI firmware into your application.

The purpose of this GUI is to provide a flexible standard interface for applications based on the STLUX and STNRG devices. The GUI is also a resource dedicated to application developers aiming to develop applications in which the firmware integrates a fast and effective interface based on serial port communication. Moreover, the general purpose GUI has been developed as a powerful tool to be mapped to the STEVAL-ILL075V1 or STEVAL-ISA164V1 evaluation boards to allow fast prototyping, debugging and parameter configuration of proof-of-concept applications.

For details, refer toUM2005 - “General purpose GUI r2.0 for STLUX™ and STNRG digital controllers”.