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SMED configuration rev. 2 for STLUX and STNRG family

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The SMED configurator is a powerful graphical interface that helps application developers reduce time and effort to efficiently exploit the SMED technology. It allows developers to move easily from idea, to proof-of-concept, to final product using STLUX™ and STNRG devices.

The SMED configurator visually represents the internal SMED mechanism. The configurator can be connected to the STEVAL-ILL075V1 and STEVAL-ISA164V1 devices for fast prototyping.

Once the SMED algorithm is designed into the GUI, the user can immediately transfer the configuration to the evaluation board and validate the real-time performance of the algorithm.

The software structure and the data transfer mechanism are transparent to the user.

The tool is also capable of generating the device configuration in the ANSI C format for quick deployment.

  • 特徴

    • Eases the design of SMED algorithms
    • Compatible with the STEVAL-ILL075V1 and STEVAL-ISA164V1
    • Direct configuration transfer to evaluation boards
    • Register view and manual change on-the-fly
    • C code generation