Design Win

STM32Cube function pack for IoT tracker node with LoRa connectivity, GNSS and sensors

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FP-ATR-LORA1 is an STM32Cube function pack which lets you read data from environmental and motion sensors, retrieve geo-position from GNSS and send collected data via LoRaWAN connectivity.

The package implements low power profiles and related transitions to ensure long battery autonomy.

This software together with the suggested combination of STM32 and ST devices can be used, for example, to develop asset tracking, fleet management and pet/child tracking applications.

The software runs on the STM32 microcontroller and includes drivers for the LoRa radio, Teseo-LIV3F GNSS module, the motion and environmental sensors, and the power management.

  • 特徴

    • Complete firmware to connect an IoT node to a LoRaWAN network, sending geo-position coming from GNSS and environmental and sensor data
    • Middleware libraries supporting LoRaWAN specification 1.0.3 class A and USB 2.0
    • Teseo-LIV3F based GNSS positioning and geofencing
    • LoRaWAN keys provisioning via USB
    • Power/battery management with low-power operating modes
    • Datalogging on external EEPROM for STEVAL-STRKT01 and on internal RAM for B-L072Z-LRWAN1, with data download over-the-air or off-line via USB
    • Sample implementation available for STEVAL-STRKT01 evaluation board and for X-NUCLEO-GNSS1A1 and X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2 expansion boards connected to a B-L072Z-LRWAN1 development board
    • Easy portability across different MCU families, thanks to STM32Cube
    • Free, user-friendly license terms