Design Win

Firmware for the 30 kW Vienna PFC rectifier based on the STM32G474RE digital power MCU

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The STSW-30KWVRECT firmware package demonstrates the capability of the STDES-30KWVRECT Vienna PFC rectifier reference design to meet high-performance requirements.

A digital solution by the STM32G474RE digital power MCU is used for the Vienna PFC.

The STDES-30KWVRECT reference design topology is mostly used for industrial and electric vehicle DC fast charging applications.

Thanks to the full digitalization and to dedicated control algorithms, the STDES-30KWVRECT achieves a low THD distortion, which is less than 5% at full load, and a high overall efficiency and power factor.

  • 特徴

    • Maximum 184 ps PWM resolution
    • Simultaneous voltage/current sampling by multiple ADCs (up to 5)
    • Critical protections by faster comparators (up to 7)
    • Input/output overcurrent protections
    • Undervoltage/overvoltage protections
    • Soft startup and inrush current control
    • Software PLL
    • Decoupling inner loop based on voltage-oriented control
    • Neutral point potential balance control with zero sequence voltage injection