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STBT3.0DP2 Bluetooth v3.0 Firmware Package

ソフトウェア入手 データブリーフのダウンロード



The package contains a SIG certified Bluetooth® 3.0 stack controlled via AT commands over SPBT3.0DP2 UART interface.

SPBT3.0DP2 modules come pre-programmed with a production-ready firmware image, the version of which may change at any time without notice. The software version of the preloaded stack image can be retrieved through a specific API command (see corresponding user manual).

Any firmware upgrades will be made available free-of-charge to end users through

  • 特徴

    • SPP profile for serial cable replacement client and server
    • iAP2 profile allowing communication with Apple®iOS Bluetooth-enabled devices
    • HID profile for keyboard and mouse devices
    • Deep sleep mode with wake up from host CPU or from Bluetooth radio
    • Command and bypass modes during active connection. Switch between modes via AT commands over UART or via GPIOs
    • Auto-reconnect, auto-sniff
    • Remote control mode
    • Configurable bonding security level
    • User configuration stored in nonvolatile memory