Design Win

Firmware for STEVAL-EDUKIT01 evaluation kit for education on motor control and control systems

ソフトウェア入手 データブリーフのダウンロード



The STSW-EDUKIT01 firmware allows testing of the STEVAL-EDUKIT01 rotary inverted pendulum kit and embeds the software for the X-NUCLEO-IHM01A1 stepper motor expansion board included in the kit.

The firmware allows correct configuration of the rotary encoder parameters for the stepper motor included in the STEVAL-EDUKIT01 interface via dedicated timers.

It also performs closed loop system control through the STM32 ARM-Cortex M4 microcontroller on the NUCLEO-F401RE development board.

The firmware includes a bidirectional UART interface to send operating parameters to a PC and to receive commands to change system operation and configuration.

A dedicated Matlab user interface is also provided to help you modify the motor control parameters according to specific rotor response characteristics.

The educational set, with real-time Matlab viewer and interface, helps you build your understanding of ARM-based embedded architecture (STM32CubeIDE), stepper motor control and real-time systems based on proportional, integral, derivative (PID) control, as well as more advanced techniques such as State Space or State Space with linear quadratic regulator (LQR).

A further set of open source tutorials and training material is at your complete disposal at

  • 特徴

    • Digital stepper motor control:
      • Phase current limit/control
      • Adjustable motor speed
      • Fully protected power stage
    • Interfaces:
      • Bidirectional UART over USB
      • Magnetic quadrature rotary encoder interface
    • Framework:
      • Allows experimenting with different motor control strategies
      • Allows experimenting with advanced control algorithms