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Firmware for STDES-EMETER1PV1 single phase smart meter using STPM33 and STM32L4

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The STSW-EMETER1-FW firmware for the STDES-EMETER1PV1 single phase meter allows you developing customized applications.

The value of RMS current, voltage, date and time, and frequency is periodically refreshed on the board LCD.

The firmware runs on STM32 microcontroller. It contains STM32 HAL_Driver and STPM33 driver.

The dedicated Hall effect sensor detects magnetic tampering.

  • 特徴

    • Software driver for CT and shunt sensing
    • Software driver for magnetic tamper detection using Hall effect sensors
    • Algorithm for neutral missing management using low power mode
    • RMS/instantaneous V, I, kW and pf measurement
    • Calendar implementation using STM32 RTC