Design Win

Firmware for STEVAL-LLL013V1 evaluation board for LED matrix applications

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The STSW-LLL013FW firmware implementation is based on the 32-bit STM32F042K6 microcontroller, allowing configuration and control of the two STP16CPC26 LED drivers over a SPI interface.

The firmware has been designed for the STEVAL-LLL013V1 evaluation kit to demonstrate the STP16CPC26 features as controller for several LED matrices applications.

The firmware communicates with the STSW-LLL013GUI for the generation of text based banners, enriched with mask and scroll effects.

  • 特徴

    • LED matrix engine for banner effects
      • <10 ms refresh rate
      • 32 brightness levels for each pixel
      • Horizontal scroll effects
    • STSW-LLL013GUI communication for
      • Text based banner design with stickers
      • Mask design or selection
      • Banner effects selection