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Linux demo of ST25R3911B for Raspberry Pi using X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1

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STSW-ST25R009 provides a complete software solution to enable fast integration of NFC functionality into Linux based systems using the ST25R3911B/ST25R391x high performance NFC frontends.

This package provides a pure user space port of the RFAL (RF abstraction layer) onto the Raspberry Pi 4 Linux platform operating the X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1 containing the ST25R3911B high performance NFC frontend. The package contains a sample application to detect different types of NFC tags and mobile phones supporting P2P.

  • 特徴

    • Complete Linux user space driver (RF abstraction library) to build NFC enabled applications using the ST25R3911B/ST25R391x high performance NFC frontends with up to 1.4 W output power
    • Linux host communication with the ST25R3911B/ST25R391x high performance NFC frontends using SPI interface
    • Complete RF/NFC abstraction (RFAL) for all major technologies and higher layer protocols:
      • NFC-A (ISO14443-A)
      • NFC-B (ISO14443-B)
      • NFC-F (FeliCa)
      • NFC-V (ISO15693)
      • P2P (ISO18092)
      • ISO-DEP (ISO data exchange protocol, ISO14443-4)
      • NFC-DEP (NFC data exchange protocol, ISO18092)
      • Proprietary technologies (Kovio, B’, iClass, Calypso, …)
    • Sample implementation available on the X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1 expansion board, plugged into a Raspberry Pi 4
    • Sample application to detect several NFC tag types and mobile phones supporting P2P
    • Free user-friendly license terms