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ST8500 G3-PLC platform development environment for smart city and energy applications

ソフトウェア入手 データブリーフのダウンロード



The package includes the documentation and firmware framework for ST G3-PLC technology evaluation, based on the EVALKITST8500-1 kit that embeds all the functions required for plug-and-play G3-PLC power line communication networking.

An intuitive user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) for the Windows® environment allows the user to upgrade the firmware release, configure and control the evaluation kit and run application commands.

The STM32 application firmware example implements a UDP/IPv6 protocol on top of the 6LowPAN adaptation layer of the G3-PLC communication layers running on ST8500 device

The G3-PLC stack is configured to work in FCC band-plan by default and can be easily configured to work in CEN-A and CEN-B as well.

The application example includes remote LEDs control and RTC configuration, nodes ping and string data transfer.

At least two EVALKITST8500-1 kits must be separately ordered in order to run the firmware and application example.

  • 特徴

    • Complete power line communication (PLC) package for G3-PLC:
      • Plug and play
      • Certified ST G3-PLC technology supporting worldwide band plan up to 500 kHz:FCC (default),CENELEC A,CENELEC B
      • Support for multiple regions and applications with a single design
    • Suitable for data communication over AC or DC power line for:
      • Smart home
      • Smart building
      • Smart lighting
      • Smart city
      • Smart solaro
      • Smart railway
      • Energy management systems
      • Smart metering
      • Smart grid
    • Developed for EVALKITST8500-1 power line communication evaluation kit based on ST8500 and STLD1 devices
    • Single modem protocol engine and real time engine firmware images (binaries) for both PAN coordinator and device
    • Compatible with the user-friendly STSW-SGKITGUI SmartGrid LabTool PC GUI:
      • Easy modem firmware download
      • Simplified configuration
      • PLC application example panel: command and control, data transfer
    • Full open source firmware framework:
      • Based on STM32 general purpose companion microcontroller
      • Command and control and data transfer application firmware example
      • Ready for customer application firmware development and integration
    • Full documentation
      • STM32 firmware user manual
      • G3-PLC host interface driver application note