Design Win

Executable file for ST95HF Android App

ソフトウェア入手 データブリーフのダウンロード



ST95HF Demo Application(a)(source code STSW-ST95HF003, executable file STSW-ST95HF002) is an Android application dedicated to demonstrate a half-duplex Near Field Communication (NFC) between an NFC-enabled cellular phone and the dual memory interface receiver, ST- ST95HF.

When a phone is tapped on the EVAL-ST95HF board, a near field communication is detected. If the EVAL-ST95HF board is configured in tag emulator mode, the application is automatically Launched.

The user can then upload the new firmware on the board, and request the EVAL-ST95HF to switch to this new firmware if the binary update is successful.

In case of an NFC communication loss during the upload, the application has the capability to resume the upload from the latest chunk successfully sent to the evaluation board.