Design Win

Graphical user interface for the STEVAL-PCC020V2 USB to I2C/UART interface board for STNRG011/STNRG011A products

ソフトウェア入手 データブリーフのダウンロード



The STSW-STNRG011GUI graphical user interface is used to monitor and configure the mains parameters of the STNRG011 PFC/LLC controller.

It allows monitoring the controller key parameters in real-time (instantaneous power, PFC mode of operation, input voltage, VCC).

The STSW-STNRG011GUI also provides an easy and intuitive way of tuning the STNRG011 NVM parameters (each of them listed in the GUI).

To facilitate supply designers' activity, the STSW-STNRG011GUI embeds a comprehensive wizard to calibrate the PFC parameters. The calibration can be performed automatically (assuming AC source and DC load have GPIB remote capabilities) or semi-automatically (the GUI prompts the user for actions on the instruments).

In case an optional E²P is available in the design, the STSW-STNRG011GUI is able to decode Faults and Event history messages stored in the E²P memory. It can program also the E²P memory with a firmware patch if needed.

The STSW-STNRG011GUI requires an STEVAL-PCC020V2 interface board connected to an STNRG011 controller and a PC via USB.

The GUI is compatible with WindowsXP, Windows 7/8,10. No specific third-party software is needed.

  • 特徴

    • Real-time monitoring of STNRG011 PFC and LLC parameters
    • Decoding of STNRG011 specific messages
    • Automated or semi-automated PFC calibration
    • Access to NVM parameters
    • Access to Fault and Event history
    • Access to optional E²P for specific patch upload
    • STEVAL-PCC020V2 interface board firmware upgrade through GUI