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STUSB4761 NVM customization library (via I2C)

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The STSW-STUSB006 is a software library enabling the STUSB4761 non-volatile-memory customization via I²C. Open source software is available to speed-up the process or migrate to different environments.

A graphical user interface (GUI) is used to manually customize the STUSB4761 parameters (STSW-STUSB005). Once frozen, the non-volatile-memory settings can be dumped by the GUI into an output file (STUSB-NVM.h). The STSW-STUSB006 library provides all the necessary software structures and functions to load automatically the file into the NVM from the IC using I²C port.

  • 特徴

    • Open source code
    • HW set-up: NUCLEO-F072RB (STM32F072RB Nucleo-64 development board)
    • C code compilers supported:
      • IAR 8.x
      • Keil µVision 5.x
      • GNU Arm embedded toolchain