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Dynamic Electro-Thermal simulator for devices in VIPower technology

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TwisterSIM is a unique electro-thermal simulator that helps shorten the design solution cycle by enabling, in a few clicks, complex engineering evaluations with accurate simulations like load-compatibility, wiring harness optimization, fault condition impact analysis, diagnostic behavior analysis and dynamic thermal performance.

A built-in interactive selector provides a short list of suitable devices based on first level system requirements. It assists you in detailing your actual system configuration with layout, load and driving profile customization to build an accurate model of the final application.

Simulation results, including junction and case thermal profiles, load current and diagnostic behavior are shown on dedicated scopes views or exported in a number of different commonly used formats.

TwisterSIM supports a large selection of low/high-side driver/switches and H-bridges for motor control.

A trial version, to explore the main functionalities of TwisterSIM, is available for download at and it also contains, in the main toolbar, the instructions to request an activation code (free of charge but subject to STMicroelectronics approval) for the full version.

An online forum provides additional support to TwisterSIM users.

Access to the forum is available at

  • 特徴

    • Device pre-selection using simple high level compatibility criteria
    • Device selection fine-tuning with PCB layout specification
    • Supply voltage and input signal source selection
    • Load type selection
    • Wire harness selection
    • Ambient temperature selection
    • Simulation accuracy and time selection
    • Built-in VIPower technology tutorial
    • Built-in user manual
    • Free evaluation version
    • Free full version (requires user activation code)