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Digital Power software expansion pack for STM32Cube

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The STM32F334 and STM32G4x4 microcontrollers offer the performance of the industry-standard Arm® Cortex®‑M4 processor. With X-CUBE-DPOWER, they can run either the legacy control loop algorithm (also known as PID), or a control loop algorithm built after the method proposed by Biricha Digital Power Ltd., an ST Authorized Partner. The latter method is widely recognized as the highest-performance and efficiency method for converters used in building automation, industrial automation, and medical applications.

The X-CUBE-DPOWER Expansion Package allows the user to generate a startup project file directly from the STM32CubeMX GUI, and initialize the library according to the application needs.

  • 特徴

    • Firmware architecture based on the STM32Cube HAL and LL libraries
    • Numerous topologies for power factor corrector (AC‑DC converters)
    • Numerous topologies for power supply unit (DC‑DC converters)
    • Library supporting the full digital loop implementation using the method proposed by Biricha Digital Power Ltd.
    • Legacy library supporting the PID method
    • Voltage and current control modes availability depending on the topology selected
    • Continuous conduction mode implementation
    • Full converter customization:
      • Digital filter coefficients generation using the STM32_WDS and STM32_PLD PC software tools from Biricha Digital Power Ltd.
      • Configuration workflow only using the STM32CubeMX GUI configurator
    • Support for STM32F334 and STM32G4x4 microcontrollers
    • Converter customization demonstrated on NUCLEO-F334R8 and NUCLEO-G474RE