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LC sensor metering for gas or water meter software expansion for STM32Cube

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The X-CUBE-LCSENSOR is an STM32Cube Expansion Package. The software runs on STM32 microcontrollers. It includes examples for gas or water metering with an LC sensor.

The X-CUBE-LCSENSOR is the starting point for the implementation of gas or water meter applications based on the inductive detection of the rotation of a mechanical wheel.

The software comes with implementation examples running on the NUCLEO-L476RG board, and NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q board featuring LPBAM.

  • 特徴

    • Contains one subpackage for the STM32L4 Series and one subpackage for the STM32U5 Series
      • Example code for LC sensor metering evaluation on the NUCLEO-L476RG board
        • Basic counting with one LC sensor
        • Counting with several LC sensors for rotation and direction detection of one or two rotating wheels
        • Tachometer with two LC sensors for speed and direction detection of a rotating wheel
      • Example code for LC sensor metering on the NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q board featuring LPBAM
        • Counting demonstration with four LC sensors: rotation and direction detections to use with a rotating wheel
        • Operation of the peripherals used by the LC sensor application in autonomous mode down to Stop 2 mode
        • Support of a variety of integrated development environments such as IAR Systems® IAR Embedded Workbench®, Arm® Keil® MDK-ARM, and GCC-based IDEs such as STM32CubeIDE
    • Each subpackage is a starting point for gas or water metering development based on STM32 microcontrollers