Design Win

Reference power mode examples on STM32 MCUs software expansion for STM32Cube (AN4777)




The low-power STM32 microcontrollers are intended for applications with demanding requirements on power efficiency. The X-CUBE-REF-PM Expansion Package consists of reference examples to assess easily the performance and power consumption of such MCUs. X-CUBE-REF-PM covers various settings and test conditions, hence providing guidelines to optimize the application configuration.

For the selected MCUs in the STM32G0 series, X-CUBE-REF-PM also addresses the impact of the limitation in the use of the instruction prefetch.

For more details, refer to the How to optimize power consumption on STM32 MCUs application note (AN4777), available from the www.st.com website.

  • 特徴

    • Power consumption and power balance computing for microcontrollers in various STM32 series
    • Reference examples reproducing the power consumption measurements described in AN4777 and MCU datasheets
    • Easy configuration of runtime parameters
    • Console control through Virtual COM port
    • Code accessible for tweaking and customization