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SPC5 family of automotive microcontrollers is supported by a complete range hardware evaluation and emulation tools.

Two lines of products, Discovery and Premium, help the user during the whole project from preliminary evaluation through advanced development.

ST Discovery boards for each product line enable a quick and easy way to evaluate the microcontroller’s main features. The expansion connector makes it easy to plug in application and extension modules for rapid prototyping.

ST Premium boards for all lines and packages grant the user access to the device’s complete features and functionalities for professional development. The SPC57XXMB motherboard used in combination with adapters give users full access to all of the CPU's signals and peripherals (such as CAN, SCI, LIN, FlexRAY and Ethernet).

The offer is completed by a series of emulation solutions for high-speed tracing, monitoring and bypassing.

The SPC5 family of automotive microcontrollers is also supported by a full range of state-of-the-art tools and software from major third parties