ST proposes a wide range of NFC/RFID evaluation boards and development kits that may be used to perform a comprehensive evaluation of ST25 products and solutions while reducing development time.

Our Discovery kits include ready-to-use boards with all the necessary components to evaluate and develop prototypes based on specific device features for a variety of use cases, such as industrial, medical, access control or IoT applications.

Our ST25 Tag Bag kits let developers evaluate ST25T tag applications in real-life conditions. With memories ranging from 512 to 64 Kbits, these ready-to-use kits include both short- (ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and B) and long-range (ISO/IEC 15693) tag ICs.

nfc tag bag development kit

Compatible with Arduino® UNO R3 connectors, ST has a wide range of Nucleo expansion boards (X-NUCLEO-NFC) based on STM8 or STM32 Nucleo boards for testing designs and prototypes leveraging the functionality and performance of our ST25 NFC / RFID tag and reader ICs.

nfc nucleo expansion development board

Easy-to-use and customer-oriented, these tools are complemented by a comprehensive range of documentation, including circuit diagrams and BOM (Bills of Material), serving as reference for future application development.

All the embedded software required to operate the devices in an embedded application, as well as example codes, is also provided.

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