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80 V - 1.5 A quad Darlington switches

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Designed to interface logic to a wide variety of high current, high voltage loads, these devices each contain four NPN Darlington switches delivering up to 1.5 A with a specified minimum breakdown of 50 V and a sustaining voltage of 35 V measured at 100 mA. The ULN2067B and ULN2069B contain integral suppression diodes for inductive loads have common emitters. The ULN2075B feature isolated Darlington pinouts and is intended for applications such as emitter follower configurations.

Inputs of the ULN2065B, ULN2069B and ULN2075B are compatible with popular 5 V logic families and the ULN2067B is compatible with 6- 15 V CMOS and PMOS. Type ULN2069B includes a pre-driver stage to reduce loading on the control logic.

  • 特徴

    • Versions compatible with all popular logic families
    • Output current to 1.5 A for each Darlington
    • Sustaining voltage at least 35 V
    • Minimum breakdown 80 V
    • Isolated Darlington pinout (ULN2075B)
    • Integral suppression diodes (ULN2065B, ULN2067B and ULN2069B

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STMicroelectronics - ULN2069B

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