Finder Apps

ST Finder apps are a fast and smart way to explore ST’s product and solution portfolio, development and evaluation tools using your smartphone or tablet.  

Use the Parametric Search engine to quickly identify the products that are the best fit for your application. If you have already identified a suitable product for your application, a Part Number search bar is also included so you can easily find more information on the device you are interested in. 

ST Finder apps provide a clear overview of a device’s main features. Download technical documentation on your mobile phone, share valuable information per email or on social media channels and order samples in a few taps.


App Name Version iOS Android Wandoujia
ST Diode Finder 1.5.0    
ST EEPROM Finder 1.1.0    
STM32 Finder 3.0.0  
STM8 Finder 3.0.0  
ST Protection Finder 1.5.1
ST Sensors Finder 2.1.1  
ST Thyristor Finder 1.3.0    
ST VIPower Smart Finder 2.1.0  
ST Voltage Regulators Finder 1.3.0  
STPOWER IGBT Finder 1.7.0
STPOWER Module Finder 1.2.0