Design services from partners

Supporting our customers in the creation of creative and innovative products and applications including connected objects, wearables and smart devices, ST Authorized Partners design houses are skilled in delivering a complete solution according to specific customer needs, even those with the most stringent requirements.

Providing a complete range of design services as well as turnkey solutions, these firms are often a practical and affordable means to manage hardware and software designs as well as prototyping, integration, testing, and certification services.

As independent design houses (IDH), they assist customers from idea to proof-of-concept and offer industrialization and manufacturing guidance and capabilities for an accelerated time-to-market.

The ST Partner Program connects customers to a network of Authorized Partners, chosen through an exacting and rigorous selection process, that provide technical support to help you find the best solution to drive innovation.

These certified companies offer specific expertise with complementary services and products to reduce development time and cost and shorten your time-to-market for higher market share, revenue and sales growth.