STM32WB MCUs for Bluetooth, Zigbee & Thread
The key to reducing design complexity

Choose STM32WB to remove roadblocks to your wireless design

Wireless protocols, security, cloud connectors.. Creating a wireless design can be complex, especially if you’re new in this field.

    With the STM32WB MCU portfolio, you can leverage the most secure and comprehensive offer on the market to build your design:
  • Increase your knowledge on wireless designs using our webinar, eLearning program, the STM32 Developer Zone, Wiki page and more! Find out what you need to know to create your application and use our comprehensive ecosystem to speed up your design.
  • Don’t go alone! Our experts are available in the STM32 community to answer any questions.
Our STM32WB portfolio at a glance
Enhanced performance and flexibility to address different levels of complexity
STM32WBx0 Value Line
Focuses on the essentials and offers a feature-optimized, cost-effective solution
STM32WBxM modules
Integrates the reference design in an LGA86 package and provides a wide certification coverage.
On-demand webinar
    In this one-hour session you will:
  • Discover the benefits of the STM32WB portfolio
  • Learn what the STM32WB module can bring to your design
  • Know how to use our STM32Cube ecosystem and developer tools to speed up your project

Get started on your prototype with STM32WB55 - boards available!

Multi-protocol wireless and ultra-low-power device embedding a powerful and ultra-low-power radio compliant with the Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) SIG specification v5.0 and with IEEE 802.15.4-2011.