STSAFE-VJ100-CCC: Secure solution for digital key systems


Full seamless solution for secure device-to-vehicle connectivity and digital key systems compliant with CCC V3 specifications

A safe way to open or close car doors or trunks using a smartphone, the combination of the STSAFE-VJ100-CCC secure element, SPC58 automotive microcontroller (main ECU) and ST25R3920B NFC reader securely manages keys and certificates as well as over-the-air software updates in compliance with CCC V3.0 specifications.

Key features

  • Flexible system solution (Javacard OS v3.0.5, GP 2.3, applet)
  • Based on CC EAL6+ certified ST33-A secure element
  • AEC-Q100 grade 2 and CCC V3.0 specifications compliant
  • SPI Global Platform (T=1)
  • Available in TSSOP20 package

Application examples

frontcar open door digital car access Digital car access (with mobile phone, digital key fob or smart card)
padlock In-car security (private, secure storage)

Recommended resources


Designed for secure applications in the automotive environment, the ST33K1M5A includes specific security features to help protect against advanced forms of attacks. It offers car makers the highest level of security (CC EAL6+ certified), and the best level of reliability required for automotive solutions (AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualified).


An AEC-Q100 qualified solution for car access/start applications in door handles or center consoles, the ST25R3920B enables a seamless user experience while providing additional functions including pairing or NFC card protection combined with a Qi charger. Very robust and noise tolerant while at the same time reducing electromagnetic emissions, the device comes with a full development ecosystem for fast design cycles and easier CR13 NFC Forum certification.

spc5 general purpose mcus

Part of our Automotive Power Architecture® MCU portfolio designed for body, networking and convenience applications, SPC58 MCUs are a scalable solution with up to 10 Mbytes of Flash memory, single core up to triple cores, ASIL-B and ASIL-D level as well as EVITA medium and full capability. In addition to advanced low-power modes to cope with the most stringent body ECUs requirements, SPC58 devices come with a complete development ecosystem for reduced design times and costs.