TO-LL leadless package for M6/DM6 superjunction STPOWER MOSETs

TO-LL leadless and SMD thermally efficient package for high power applications

HV superjunction STPOWER MOSFETs up to 650 V in high creepage TO-LL surface mounted leadless packages with appropriate thickness for compact and space saving power converters in applications servers, SMPS, data centers, solar microinverters, and similar industrial applications.

The TO-LL package offers an excellent balance between heat management, current capability, and PCB space. The lower Rthj-amb of the TO-LL package, combined with thermal vias and bottom heatsink on the host board, allows designers to occupy less PCB space and manage heat more efficiently than SMD and through-hole packages.

The additional Kelvin-source lead on the package also helps designers achieve higher efficiency through reduced turn-on/turn-off switching losses.

Another key characteristic is the 2.7 mm creepage between the drain and source pads, which ensures better isolation and protection from failures caused by voltage events that exceed the breakdown rating of the device.

ST offers MDmesh M6 (600V) and MDmesh DM6 (600-650V) superjunction MOSFETs in TO-LL packages targeting servers, telecom data centers, SMPS, and solar microinverters. The range of devices in TO-LL packages will be expanded with the inclusion of the latest MDmesh M9 and DM9 series of STPOWER MOSFETs. applications.

Key features

  • Reduced space on PCB vs D2PAK with the same area inside
  • Reduced thickness: 2.3 mm
  • Large exposed drain pad
  • Additional Kelvin source pin
  • High creepage: 2.7 mm

Application examples

 Server and telecom SMPS Server and telecom SMPS
 Solar energy Solar energy
 5G data centers 5G data centers

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