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USB Type-C Port Protection (TCPP) for STM32

tcpp03 m20 usb c protection ic

USB-C overvoltage and overcurrent protection for STM32

USB-C applications require overvoltage protection on the VBUS connector pin to ensure safety in the event of a defective charger or cable. When used for Source or Dual Role, an overcurrent protection is also required. USB-C connectors feature a smaller pitch between connector pins leading to potential short-to-VBUS issues, thus an overvoltage protection is also required for CC lines.

TCPP products offer a cost-optimized solution to integrate these features as companion chips for STM32 MCUs and MPUs in compliance with USB PD3.1 Standard Power Range (up to 100W) and PPS (Programmable Power Supply) specifications. Expansion boards for STM32 Nucleo boards are available for sink, source and Dual Role applications as well as example code (X-CUBE-TCPP).

Key features of TCPP03-M20

  • Enables safe and easy migration from USB Type-A or B to USB Type-C
  • Externally adjustable overvoltage and overcurrent protection on VBUS
  • 6 V short to VBUS protection on the configuration channel pins
  • Integrated charge pump for external N-MOSFET gate control
  • I2C communication with STM32 MCUs and MPUs
  • ±8kV ESD protection (IEC61000-4-2 Level 4) on CC lines
  • For Dual Role applications, TCPP03-M20 features 3 power modes for an extended battery lifetime during DRP toggling

Application examples

Power adapters Power adapters
Wall plug Wall plugs
docking station USB hubs, dock stations
Wireless charger Wireless chargers
IoT Internet of Things IoT (Internet of Things)
Smart speaker Smart speakers, smart earbuds

How to test & prototype with TCPP03-M20

Choose a development kit to start testing the capabilities and features of TCPP products:

x nucleo drp1m1 usb type c power delivery sink expansion board

X-NUCLEO-DRP1M1 expansion board

USB Type-C Power Delivery Dual Role Power (DRP) and Dual Role Data (DRD) expansion board based on TCPP03-M20 for STM32 Nucleo.

X-NUCLEO-SRC1M1 expansion board

USB Type-C Power Delivery source expansion board based on TCPP02-M18 for STM32 Nucleo.

X-NUCLEO-SNK1M1 expansion board

USB Type-C Power Delivery Sink expansion board based on TCPP01-M12 for STM32 Nucleo.

X-CUBE-TCPP software

USB Type-C expansion software for STM32Cube.

an5225 usb type c power delivery using stm32 mcus and mpus

USB Type-C® Power Delivery using STM32 MCUs and MPUs (AN5225)

Guidelines for using USB Type-C® Power Delivery with STM32 MCUs and MPUs in conjunction with the TCPP01-M12 protection circuit. Some basic concepts of the two new USB Type-C® and USB Power Delivery standards are also introduced.

TCPP03-M20: The Promise of Dual-Role Power USB-C Ports Finally Fulfilled in New Applications

The TCPP03-M20 is ST’s first USB-C port protection device for dual role power (DRP) applications, meaning that it will serve systems designed as a source (charger) or a sink (charging). In the most simplistic terms, the component brings together the...

blog post

Learn how to make your USB Type-C designs more robust and cost-effective

usb type c design webinar

Discover how to design a cost-effective hardware application based on STM32G0 – the first MCU in the world to integrate a power delivery controller – associated with a Type-C Port Protection (TCPP) device designed in ST's IEEE Milestone award winning Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) technology.

Webinar overview
  • What's new with the USB-C connector
  • How to take advantage of system partitioning to design cost-effective USB-C applications
  • Design tips for protection requirements for sink, source, DRP applications
  • How ST's Type-C Port Protection (TCPP) portfolio reduces system cost, size and power consumption
  • How to implement TCPP in your system based on schematic examples
  • How to start USB-C development with X-NUCLEO expansion boards