Graphical tool displaying on PC power data coming from X-NUCLEO-LPM01A

STM32CubeMonitor-Power (STM32CubeMonPwr) enables developers to swiftly analyze the low-power performance of target boards. This software tool acquires power measurements through the X-NUCLEO-LPM01A specialized intermediate board, and displays these measurements using an intuitive graphical interface. Dynamic measurement of current covers a range from 100 nA to 50 mA, while STM32CubeMonitor-Power allows updating of acquisition parameters, and data rendering in real time. Execution of EEMBC® ULPBench™ tests is also supported to directly provide an accurate ULPMark™ score.

Key Features

  • Reception of power measurements done by X-NUCLEO-LPM01A at up to 100 kHz (dynamic measurement from 100 nA up to 50 mA with ~2% accuracy)
  • Execution of ULPBench™ tests and estimation of ULPMark™ score
  • Data subsampling on reception to allow graphical rendering in real-time, while not losing any data point
  • Intuitive navigation into data using mouse-based zoom and move functions
  • Control of all X-NUCLEO-LPM01A functions from the graphical interface such as acquisition frequency, supply voltage, triggers, and others
  • Computing of consumed energy
  • Capability to save acquired data, and to load previously saved data
  • Multi-OS support: Windows®, Linux®, and macOS®



Description バージョン サイズ
DB3355 DB3355: Software tool for power and ultra-low-power measurements 3.0 411 KB
Description バージョン サイズ
UM2202 UM2202: STM32CubeMonitor-Power software tool for power and ultra-low-power measurements 4.0 1 MB
Description バージョン サイズ
RN0108 RN0108: STM32CubeMonitor-Power release 1.0.2 5.0 243 KB

プレゼンテーション & トレーニング資料

Description バージョン サイズ
STM32 Power Shield Accurate Power Measurement presentation 1.0 827 KB


Description バージョン サイズ
SLA0048 SLA0048: Mix Ultimate Liberty+OSS+3rd-party V1 - SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT 4.10 86 KB

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製品型番 Software Version Marketing Status Supplier Order from ST
STM32CubeMonPwr 1.0.2 Active ST


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