ST offers ultrafast diodes from 200 to 1200 V with various VF/trr trade-offs to achieve the best performance for any application.

In PFC and solar inverters, ST has introduced the second generation of tandem diodes that offer a cost-efficient alternative to SiC technology.

All ST products are rated up to 175 °C operating junction temperature, as a result of the reduced leakage currents.

Ultrafast diode series positioning

New 600V ‘RQ’ diodes series reduces EMI

ST now offers  600V ‘RQ’ diodes (Rapid & Quiet) – AEC-Q101 qualified – developed for automotive applications such as on-board battery chargers (OBC), 2- or 3-wheeler battery chargers, and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. These diodes feature a specific V RRM guaranteed from -40 to +175 °C, a unique trade-off between a soft reverse recovery to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and a low forward voltage (V F) to gain efficiency in all modes of resonant-based topologies.
These 600V, 15- to 60-amp diodes are also available as  industrial-grade ‘RQ’ series, suited for industrial converters, high-power SMPS, snubber circuits and for free-wheeling.

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