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STM32Cube function pack for IoT node with NFC, BLE connectivity and time-offlight sensors

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The FP-SNS-FLIGHT1 is an STM32Cube function pack which lets your IoT node connect to a smartphone via BLE and uses a suitable Android™ or iOS™ application like the STBLESensor app to view real-time object distance data read by the Time-of-Flight sensor.

The package also enables advanced functions, such as presence detection inside a fixed range distance.

If the X-NUCLEO-NFC04A1 expansion board is present, it uses the NDEF standard for simple and secure Bluetooth pairing, storing the necessary information on the NFC tag, thus simplifying the device configuration.

This package, together with the suggested combination of the STM32 and ST devices, can be used to develop wearable applications or smart thing applications in general.

The software runs on the STM32 microcontroller and includes all the necessary drivers to recognize the devices on the STM32 Nucleo development board.

  • 特徴

    • Complete firmware to develop an IoT node with NFC, BLE connectivity and Time-of-Flight sensors
    • Compatible with STBLESensor application for Android/iOS to perform distance data reading and firmware update (FOTA)
    • Multi-target ranging sensor application based on the VL53L1 Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor
    • Sample implementation available for X-NUCLEO-NFC04A1 (optional), X-NUCLEO-53L1A2 and X-NUCLEO-IDB05A2 connected to a NUCLEO-F401RE or NUCLEO-L476RG
    • Easy portability across different MCU families, thanks to STM32Cube
    • Free, user-friendly license terms