SPC5 Safety-Pack

Safety-critical applications require the availability of hardware and software components compliant with the ISO 26262 Functional Safety Standard.

ST has published a safety manual for SPC5 automotive microcontrollers that define the mode of use to ensure that your solution complies with ISO 26262 requirements. Our Safety Pack includes core self-tests as well as a safety kit for the Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL).

Developed according to an ISO 26262-compliant development process, ST's Safety Pack fulfills the requirements for developing a safe application up to level ASIL-D. Developers can use our Software Service to validate the MCAL according to the safety concepts delivered by the final users.

The Safety Pack includes Core self-test programs that implement safety counter-measures to ensure compliance with MCU ASIL level requirements.

ST’s Core self-test is a fault-graded software library delivered with a certified test coverage for each core unit (arithmetic-logic, data path, address calculation, interrupt handling, and control logic).
ST Safety Pack software components are licensed products.


ST's functional safety development processes ISO 26262 certified
DEKRA certified ST's software development processes for functional safety for automotive according to ISO 26262 
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