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BLE Mesh application for Android and iOS

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STBLEMesh application for Android and iOS allows you to create your own Bluetooth® Mesh Profile compliant mobile Apps. The App can be used for provisioning, configuring and controlling multiple Bluetooth® Mesh Profile compliant devices in a BLE Mesh network for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Pre-compiled, ready-to-use Apps based on STBLEMesh SDK are available on Google Play and iTunes stores for a quick evaluation.

The STBLEMesh mobile App allows the user to provision the devices using the secure key distribution method (based on ECDH) and assign the unique addresses to the nodes. Once provisioned, the smartphone can configure, control and un-provision the nodes. It can create and delete groups, assign publication address and control the nodes. The STBLEMesh App can be used with firmware examples available in STSW-BNRG-Mesh, X-CUBE-BLEMESH1 and FP-SNS-BLEMESH1.

The App can share the Mesh network configuration among other provisioners (Android or iOS) via Cloud or e-mail, enabling more than one provisioner in the same Mesh network. You can download the App sources and SDK (STSW-BNRG-Mesh) and develop your own applications. The available SDK is intended to be used with ST BLE devices and includes Bluetooth® Mesh Profile stack implementation provided in binary format along with a full-fledged BLE Mesh App with complete source code. The SDK is available for both Android and iOS platforms with identical features.

  • 特徴

    • Android and iOS Mesh library based on Bluetooth® Specification Mesh Profile v1.0 and Mesh Model v1.0
    • Creates connection with the Mesh nodes using the GATT bearer
    • Node publication and subscription for group control
    • Node configuration support for Proxy, Relay and Friend features
    • Configuration database exchange via e-mail or Cloud
    • Mesh message logging with onscreen logger for easy troubleshooting
    • Generic model on/off control
    • Generic level for intensity control
    • Lighting model support (Lightness, CTL, HSL)
    • Sensor model support for motion and environmental sensors
    • Vendor model support
    • Heartbeat feature
    • Configuration and Health model support to configure and monitor nodes
    • Applications available on Google Play store and iTunes store
    • App sources and SDK available in STSW-BNRG-Mesh for user application development