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STM32 MPU OpenSTLinux software expansion package for GNSS-based applications

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X-LINUX-GNSS1 is an STM32 MPU OpenSTLinux software expansion package that runs on the Arm Cortex®-A-based core of the STM32MP1 microprocessor to demonstrate GNSS-based applications.

X-LINUX-GNSS1 includes OpenSTLinux software package, which contains user space application, Yocto recipe and device tree for developing GNSS application for X-STM32MP-GNSS1 board based on Teseo-LIV3FL Tiny GNSS low power module and X-STM32MP-GNSS2 board based on Teseo-LIV4F Tiny GNSS low power module.

It contains example application for the NMEA protocol support and POSIX thread for task scheduling to ensure better asynchronous message parsing.

The software package also contains the Yocto recipes for the GNSS, GNSS, and RTCM3 based real time kinematics library application.

The source code can be ported to any Linux platform.

  • 特徴

    • Standalone applications to read the NMEA data over UART and I²C
    • Complete software to build GNSS applications on OpenSTLinux for X-STM32MP-GNSS1 and X-STM32MP-GNSS2 boards.
    • Yocto Recipe for Enabling GNSS, IMU and Enviromental Sensors Support
    • Support for Real Time Kinematics (RTK) library application and its corresponding QT based application
    • Easy portability across different Linux platforms
    • Application example to retrieve and parse GNSS data and send them to DSH-ASSETRACKING for live tracking
    • Python example to read the NMEA data over UART