STM32 MPU OpenSTLinux Expansion Packages

STM32 MPU OpenSTLinux expansion packages (X-LINUX-xxx) contain embedded software components compatible with the STM32 MPU OpenSTLinux distribution that enable the use of additional components for a specific feature such as AI, cloud services, graphics, or speech recognition with STM32 microprocessors.

These packages can also be compatible with STM32Cube embedded software libraries and tools whenever the Arm® Cortex®-M core is used.

In addition to the required extension software, the packages include example code for implementations running on specific ST development boards. The software architecture allows quick and easy adaptation to user-specific hardware configurations.

To ensure easy integration into the STM32 MPU OpenSTLinux distribution, each expansion package includes the meta-layer of the OpenEmbedded framework which contains all software components required to demonstrate the specific application or example. The meta-layer is provided either by ST to enable ST demonstrators or by ST partners for third-party frameworks and demonstrators.

Each STM32 MPU OpenSTLinux expansion package contains:

  • the binaries, scripts, frameworks needed to demonstrate a feature
  • the device trees generated by the STM32CubeMX graphical configuration tool and the STM32Cube firmware binary to be loaded in the Arm® Cortex®-M4 coprocessor
  • a readme file to explain how to use the meta-layer and pointing out where to download source code of the STM32Cube firmware binary
  • The cubeMX.ioc file to be able to regenerate the device tree configuration