STM8 Nucleo Boards

The highly affordable Nucleo boards allow anyone to try out new ideas and to quickly create prototypes with any STM8 MCU.

STM8 Nucleo boards facilitate developments with two form factors, Nucleo-32 and Nucleo-64, which can easily be extended with a large number of specialized application hardware add-ons thanks to Arduino Uno Rev3 and ST morpho connectors on Nucleo-64, and Arduino Nano connectors on Nucleo-32.

Various application notes and software examples are provided with STM8 Nucleo boards, which work smoothly with major development toolchains including Cosmic free IDEA, IAR EWSTM8, and the free STVD IDE from ST.

Each STM8 Nucleo board integrates an STLink debugger/programmer, which eliminatesany need for a separate probe.

Support for convenient features such as drag-and-drop Flash programming accelerates design iterations.

Engineering teams can simply reuse the same subsystems, which will help them save costs, reduce development risks, since they are already familiar with the expansions they will stack on top of the STM8 Nucleo boards.

As a result, it is now easier to add features to STM8 systems, enabling more complex and smarter designs in increasingly smaller packages.