Very low cost Discovery kits are the cheapest and most complete solution to start easily and quickly with STM8 MCUs. Feature-rich evaluation boards provide the means to evaluate all of the peripherals of the different STM8 MCUs. To complete this portfolio, STM8 MCUs are supported by dedicated demonstration boards or kits to highlight specific features, such as low-power or performance in specific applications such as motor control.

Open STM8 development platform for flexible prototyping

  • The new Nucleo-32 board named NUCLEO-8S207K8 featuring the STM8S207K8T6C 8-bit MCU provides an affordable and flexible way for users to try out new concepts and build prototypes with STM8S Series microcontrollers in a tiny LQFP32 package.
  • STM8 Nucleo boards facilitate developments choosing from various combinations of performance, power consumption, and features; with two form factors, Nucleo-32 and Nucleo-64, they can easily be extended with a large number of specialized application hardware add-ons thanks to Arduino Nano connectors on Nucleo-32, or Arduino Uno Rev3 and ST morpho connectors on Nucleo-64.
  • STM8 Nucleo boards work smoothly with major development toolchains including Cosmic free IDEA, IAR EWSTM8, and the free STVD IDE from ST. With the addition of the NUCLEO-8S207K8, it is now easier to add features to STM8 systems, enabling more complex and smarter designs in increasingly smaller packages.