エナジー・ハーべスティング & ソーラー・チャージャIC


これらのICは小型機器のエネルギー自給を可能とし、一次電池の使用あるいは浪費を削減することで環境を保護するとともに、配線に伴う重いコスト負担を軽減し、古い建物の柔軟性を高める効果があります。こうしたエネルギー自給型機器は、「配線不要」という特徴や一次電池置き換えの能力を備えていることから、オフィス、ビル、ホテル、工場、空港、ショッピング・モール、遠隔監視インフラ、ウェアラブル / フィットネス / ヘルスケア機器などに数億台規模で導入することができます。

SPV1050 energy harvesting and SPV1040 high-efficiency solar battery charger

ST’s SPV1050 is an extremely high-efficiency power-management and battery-charger solution for wireless sensor nodes that harvests energy from both photovoltaic cells and thermoelectric generators (TEGs) operating up to 400 mW output power. The SPV1050 achieves impressive energy-conversion performance thanks to the embedded maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm, by guarantying up to 99% of maximum power extracted from the harvesting available source. It is compatible with any battery chemistry, including thin-film solid state, super-capacitor, NiMH, NiCd and lithium-ion/lithium polymer. In fact, it applies the typical CC-CV charge profile to optimize the charge and to guarantee its lifetime and overall system safety.

The SPV1040 is a monolithic solar energy harvester based on a step-up converter configuration optimized to work in outdoor conditions with an output power up to 3 W, and with embedded MPPT algorithm that operates over a 0.45 to 5.5 V input voltage range. The proprietary algorithm maximizes the energy extraction from the source and the transfer to the load is given by the very high conversion efficiency. Fundamental features like over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature guarantee battery and overall system safety and along with the other specs address some typical applications like outdoor environmental sensors, solar lanterns, garden and poles lighting, solar bags and portable mid power consumer.