Embedded-SIM, or eSIM are at the heart of an expanding spectrum of the consumer market for easy-touse, intuitive and user-friendly mobile applications. They target a broad range of electronic devices such as wearables, tablets and handsets with the aim to provide the best possible cellular connectivity experience.

As mobile devices become smaller and more integrated, OEMs will greatly benefit from ST’s eSIM ICs that are available in very small form factors such as UFDFN, QFN or WLCSP.

ST’s eSIM solutions are based on the widely deployed ST33 Secure Element platform providing a high level of security, large amount of memory and high performance for OTA data transfers and secure storage of new Mobile Network Operator subscriptions.

STMicroelectronics Becomes First Chip Maker Accredited by the GSMA to Personalize eSIMs for Mobiles and Connected IoT Devices

Building on existing accreditation to manufacture eSIM chips that meet the GSMA’s specifications for security and reliability, ST is speeding ahead of other chip makers by gaining further accreditation for securely applying eSIM personalization data, according to the GSMA’s Secure Accreditation Scheme for UICC Production (GSMA SAS-UP). 

ST can now deliver personalized eSIMs, built around the proven ST33 secure microcontroller, directly to customers’ production facilities, ready to use with no further programming required. Equipment OEMs, mobile network operators, and SIM operating-system (OS) vendors can thus enjoy greater convenience, economy, and business efficiency by streamlining the eSIM supply chain to save handling overheads and reduce time to market. The eSIMs, customized with connection credentials, enable smaller form factors, greater security, and increased flexibility. 

More about ST’s GSMA certification here.

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