Design Win

50W QR Flyback with VIPerGaN50


The VIPERGAN50 is a new advanced quasi-resonant off-line converter including a 650V GaN HEMT as power switcher, and a controller equipped with a full set of features and protections. It is a highly efficient and reliable solution for flyback isolated applications with up to 50 W of output power for a wide range of mains voltages.

A complete set of features helps to design a highly efficient offline power supply in a simple way

The ZVS quasi-resonant operation with the dynamic blanking time feature and the valley synchronization function, that turns on the power switch always at the valley of the drain voltage resonance, reduces the switching losses and maximizes the overall efficiency at any input line and load condition. The VIPERGAN50 also benefits from a valley-lock feature that ensures constant valley-skipping operation.

In addition to advanced power management functions with low quiescent current to help achieve low stand-by power consumption, its feed-forward compensation minimizes the maximum output peak power variation over the entire input voltage range. Frequency jittering helps pass the EMI compliance testing, even with a reduced input filter.

The VIPERGAN50 includes a complete set of protections that considerably increase the safety and reliability of end products. Furthermore, all protections are configured to auto-restart after a power failure for additional safety.

  • 搭載製品の特徴

    VIPERGAN50 – advanced quasi-resonant offline high voltage converter

    The use of a GaN transistor leads to higher power density, efficiency, and switching frequency with a consequently smaller and lighter PCB, simplifying the design of SMPS and improving their overall performance.

  • All Features

    • Advanced functions
      • QR operation with dynamic blanking time and adjustable valley synchronization delay functions, to maximize efficiency at any input/output conditions.
      • Valley-lock mode to ensure constant valley-skipping.
      • Input voltage feedforward compensation for mains-independent OPP intervention
      • Adaptive burst mode for advanced power management in light load conditions
      • Frequency jittering for EMI suppression
      • Output OVL protection
      • Output OVP protection
      • Input OVP protection
      • Brown-in and brown-out protections
      • Embedded thermal shutdown protection
    • Performance benefits
      • 4-point average active mode efficiency at full load: > 90% (compliant with European CoC ver. 5)
      • No-load input power consumption: < 85 mW (@ 230 V
    • Cost benefits
      • Contained space
      • Reduced input filter thanks to frequency jittering
    • Certifications
      • Compliant with IEC 55022 Class B conducted EMI requirements
      • RoHS compliant