TN1610H-6ITN2010H-6Iおよび TN2015H-6Iは、定格16A / 20Aの600V新型サイリスタです。TO-220絶縁型パッケージで提供されます。制御整流ブリッジ、ACリレー、SMPS用高電圧クローバ保護などで使用され、1000V/µsのノイズ耐性を備えた小型パワー・モジュールに最適です。また、150℃の最大接合部温度により、モータサイクルの電圧レギュレータやエンジン始動装置において冷却装置の小型化や、より大負荷の制御の実現に貢献します。   

STの高温度(Tj)対応サイリスタは、SMDおよび絶縁型 / 非絶縁型スルーホール・パッケージで提供され、以下の特徴をもちます。

  • きわめて低いゲート・トリガ電流(600V サイリスタのみ)
  • ピーク・オフステート電圧(阻止電圧): 600V~1200V
  • 最大オン電流: 12A~80A
  • 最大接合部温度: +150°C


20 A and 50 A on-state RMS current-rated SCRs with enhanced immunity and 150°C Tj max

ST's new series of 20 A, 30 A and 50 A silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs) adds to our existing range of high-temperature thyristors:

  • The new TN2010H series of SCRs has a narrower spread gate-triggering current – 5 mA typ. and 10 mA max. – than previous generations, while delivering high electrical noise immunity and further improving the reliability of the end products.
  • The new TN3015H series of SCRs featuring 1000 V/µs high-noise-immunity provides high compactness power modules designers with an high margin on performances and reliability. The 15 mA gate current makes it easily driveable by microcontrollers. It is available in a TO-220, TO-220AB Ins. and D2PAK package outline. 
  • The new TN5015H series of SCRs includes the largest SCR fitted in a TO-220 package outline. This performs as an excellent crowbar circuit due to its large die size and surge on-state current (ITSM). The 15 mA gate current makes it easily driveable by microcontrollers.

Designed for low profile and reduced power consumption modules, these are ideal for solid-state relays, SMPS or battery chargers.
Get started with STEVAL-SCR001V1 –  ST's inrush current limiter solution board – embedding our bypass thyristor !


eDesignSuite is a comprehensive set of easy-to-use design-aid utilities ready to help you streamline the system development process with a wide range of ST products.

Thermal-electrical Simulators for Components

Choose design tool:

AC Switches Simulator

Select ratings and application waveforms
Get junction temperature and blocking voltage graphs
Search and sort suitable devices

Rectifier Diodes Simulator

Select ratings and application waveforms
Estimate power losses
Search and sort suitable devices


Supports long mission profiles
Provides power loss and temperature graphs
Helps define heatsink thermal properties

Twister Sim

Help select the right ViPOWER Automotive power device
Supports load-compatibility, wiring harness optimization, fault condition impact and diagnostic analysis
Supports various PCB configurations

TVS Simulator

Specify system ratings and surge waveform
Search and sort suitable devices